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A Word from the Founder

Our aim throughout the various professional trainings and the courses provided is to upgrade the “savoir-faire” and skill-set of each individual to a brighter career endeavors.

The academy thrives mainly in the practice and case studies included in each and every professional training, alongside the strong possibility of which any student becomes an entrepreneur of his generation and leads the way to startups that help the communities of the country provide better business and development.

Including the student or candidate in the how-to rather than its theory drives each individual to focus on using what skills they have to create what their mindset actually is capable of achieving, with the guidance of the Academy’s team and the help needed during each and every operation.

Discover your potential with Wonder Works Academy

Diploma training programmes

We provide several diploma "CPD" approved programmes destined for professionals and entrepreneurs in a hybrid formula.

Language training programmes

You can choose the programme course or workshops you need for your personal and professional development online and onsite.

Work and settle abroad

We offer a wide variety of programmes in collaboration with the prestigious LISD to settle and study abroad (UK and Germany).

Developp your skills

We offer a wide range of workshops and events to help you develop your skills adequately.
What we offer

Career Path Options

Each individual undertakes with the Academy during his or her path the main and most important steps as follows: 1- A guided student Study centered training; 2- A project or professional or artistic to be presented at the end of each training; 3- An internship in Algeria or Abroad or a 2 to 6 months period of time.

Our Team

Management Team


General Manager

Haider Hasnaoui

Admissions Officer


Programme Manager


Sales Operator


Marketing & PR Specialist
What we offer

Distant learning for creative solutions

Explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you.